Thank you for visiting my site. I created fivekings.co.uk to give me and my family personalised email addresses (yes we are the King family made up of mum, dad and three daughters – that’s five).

It’s less of a family site nowadays and more about what interests me – it’s here because I keep the email addresses going! And you are probably here only out of vague curiosity but please kick around and maybe you’ll find something of interest or even something that might make a difference to your life!

Here I include information about things that interest me like

  • Intelligent Christian comment and information – I’m not frightened of healthy debate
  • Cycling – I do quite a lot nowadays including sponsored challenges
  • Photography – I wish I was better
  • Portsmouth Football Club – yes I’m a Pompey fan and proud of it

Who are five kings? Well only 2 of us are still called King but here’s a great picture of Maureen, Grace, Rachel and Emma.