About me

I’m not one to sing my own praises but there are times when sharing credentials is not a bad thing. So here is a bit of my history – not all of it but some highlights.

Work Experience

I started working in insurance in 1978. Today I am an Associate Director of one of the UK’s top 50 Insurance Brokers, Crispin Speers & Partners.

I am a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and an Associate of the Chartered Insurance institute.

“Chartered status is the ultimate symbol of professionalism.”
CII Website

I have owned my own business and been a Director of several others including Euclinian Risk Management and the Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries (ATII). I was also chairman of the industry’s Travel Insurance Claims Committee for many years.

I am a founding member for one of the UK’s prestigious industry conferences. I started that work in 1997. I not only assist with the organisation but am the conference moderator. In which role I have received more than a few compliments.

I like being an MC. I have run quite a few summer fairs and fetes, quiz nights and other events. I have even been the main presenter for a couple of variety shows. I once made a film with mates – it doesn’t see the light of day often but I enjoyed the experience.


Since 2011 I have been a Trustee of the Garden Tomb Association that manages the site known as the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

I was for many years chairman of Trustees for Faith & Football, a charity in which I still take a great interest and with whom I work from time to time. I count those who manage this charity amongst my closest friends.

In 2005 I trekked the great wall of China raising a substantial sum for charity. In 2007 I trekked the Sinai dessert and in 2008 I undertook the first of many cycling challenges when I cycled over 200 miles over three days.

In 2010 I cycled from Newcastle to Carlisle and back again with Borders Marauders and for many years I have been undertaking Nightrider challenges, cycling 100km at a time, overnight. In 2016 I cycled all three of their events completing 300km in London, Bristol and Liverpool. I have raised over £30,000 for charity since 2005.

Christian Activity

I have been a young people’s worker, youth leader, Bible class leader and preacher over many years. Highlights have included an extended period as a Camp manager for South Hants Bible Camps, speaking at camps for young people independently of this and leading Christian worship in churches around the south of England for 40 years.

I love what the Bible reveals and I delight in sharing what I have found with others. I believe people have been blessed by my sharing and I continue to make myself available to churches that need this outside support.

I have spent some time guiding visitors at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. There is no better visual aid in the world for those of us who believe God revealed himself and a rescue plan for mankind in Jesus.

Personal interests

All of the above are passions for me but I also love computing and photography which I combine by building websites and managing pages for friends who ask me. I have aspirations to build functional websites and apps