About me

I’m not one to sing my own praises but there are times when sharing credentials is not a bad thing. So here is a bit of my history – not all of it but some highlights.

Work Experience

I started working in insurance in 1978. Today I am an Associate Director of one of the UK’s top 50 Insurance Brokers. I am a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

“Chartered status is the ultimate symbol of professionalism.”
CII Website


Since 2011 I have been a Trustee of the Garden Tomb Association that manages the site known as the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem.

I have undertaken a number of charity challenges including a trek of the Great Wall of China, a trek of the Sinai desert and numerous long distance cycling events.


I became a follower of Jesus in May 1972 and ever since his teaching has been at the heart of what I am. Today I am involved in numerous church and Christian activities sharing the good news with others.

Other Personal interests

All of the above are passions for me but I also love computing and photography which I combine by building websites and managing pages for friends who ask me. I have aspirations to build functional websites and apps,

I’m now a grandad to 6 wonderful kids. That’s a delight.