And still we wait

6 months have now passed since Paula Sussex assured me that

“the concerns you raised are now being considered to assess whether or not any regulatory action is required against the charity following registration”

Paul Sussex CEO Charity Commission 8/9/2016

In fairness a very nice senior manager is telling me that she is chasing things up, so the line isn’t completely dead but 6 months just to gather information does seem a bit excessive; this especially as this seems purely down to workload and not any complexity in the case.

The charity has now filed its first annual return. Interesting reading with a period that covers less than a year since its first registration, includes a reserve that very closely equates to the  amount they felt able to take from the ill gotten gains of those who committed the misdemeanours in  the first place, and no mention of the fact that they lost a trustee on the way through the year!

One day I will feel able to publish the whole story, but for now I keep my powder dry as I sit on my hands and await something substantive.

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