Case study – Chasing up the commission

Having had complete radio silence for over three months is probably an indication that things are being taken seriously , but it really is hard to sit around wondering what on earth is going on especially after it follows 6 months getting their final decision and then another year getting that position reviewed.

I still wonder how the public can have confidence in the charity sector when its regulator doesn’t ever seem to act proactively and takes an eternity to do even the simplest of things.

Today I write to them as below….. let’s see what happens….

Next week sees the 2nd anniversary of the email that created what [trustee name] called my “imagined” grievance which, as far as I am concerned, has never been addressed and on the substantive issues of which I believe the Trustees of the charity should be required to respond.


Most of that 2 years has been spent waiting for official bodies, yourselves, HMRC, the Home Office and PHSO to come to conclusions, and as you know it’s now over three months since we spoke.
I am keen to reach some end to these matters and am wondering whether  it is possible please for you to give me some indication of when you expect to be in a position to respond to my letter of 10 July 2016 to which I believe your current enquiries attend? I would like to formally put my concerns to the trustees and invite response for public consideration but believe your enquiries and conclusions should inform my actions.


I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks and best wishes.

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