Charity Commission just for a change

So far not a single member of the board has even bothered to acknowledge my letter sent individually to each one.

There was though a flurry of activity the day it landed when assistants to Paula Sussex and William Shawcross woke up and promised me action! The senior manager investigating the case finally told me that their accounts experts had identified concerns which corresponded with mine. Quite what that means has still to be revealed but at least the trustees have, I am assured, now been presented with questions to answer.

In the meantime I have sent a further open letter, this time to the charity trustees themselves setting out the issues. I expect to publish that in due course but want to see whether they act first.

Anyone wondering who else has had poor experiences with the charity commission might like to take a look at these sites.

Charity Commission not fit for purpose.

War of words

Whatever the rights and wrongs of our cases, the patterns are the same!


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