Charity Commission – so slow it hurts

It’s now 12 weeks plus since the Charity Commission assured me that it would look into my concerns about a particular charity and will soon be 2 years since I first contacted them on the subject.

A quick glance at their news pages here will reveal that they don’t win prizes for speed. It often takes several months before they announce an enquiry at all and then years before they issue the outcomes.

How they can possibly be capable of regulating properly when they act so slowly is beyond me. Someone really does need to get to grips with things for public confidence in the sector to improve.

I continue to hold back from a press release and public dissemination of what appears to be fraud, money laundering, abuse and false accounting so as not to prejudice what they may be doing. If anyone has something I can use to actually get this thing moving properly, please let me know.

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