One Night in Liverpool – Nightrider 2016

It was a long way to travel, both to get there and around the route itself. But what an experience!

With my son in law, the inspirational Andy McGowan, who kept me going throughout, we started from the ferry terminal and set out through the Birkenhead tunnel to the Wirral.  Cycles are usually banned from the tunnel and it’s easy to see why. They closed it for us in both directions and what fun. A very quick downhill first mile is followed by a steady climb for another mile. Of course we had the same thing coming back.

My bike computer found this 4 miles, totally confusing. No satellites means no read out and no recording. Threw me for much of the rest of the night as I was just over 4 miles short on my readouts.

The ride around the Wirral was very pleasant with a steady 20 miles of pretty well flat roads we were able to get through it quite quickly. Of course there were some climbs and that return trip in the tunnel, but the first half was over after only just over 3 and a half hours.

After a quick break we set out on the rather more hilly city section. The quiet roads on both sides were a delight and although I had a very near miss with a taxi where the driver saw me very late on a roundabout and had to brake extremely hard, the rest was pretty uneventful.

To be back at base at 6:23 was little short of a miracle for me. I have never finished a Nightrider quite so early. I must be getting practice! Then came an enormous surprise. As one of only three people (out of over 2,000 entrants) to take part in and complete all three rides (the Treble) the lovely guys and girls at Nightrider presented me a beautiful glass engraved trophy. I can’t tell how how touched I was and it now has pride of place in my study.

Below are pictures of the night. Click on an image for a closer look.

At the time of writing, my sponsorship total is over £2,700 for which both I and Tommy’s are eternally grateful. You can, if you wish, still sponsor me here.

Here for those who want to know, are the stats

Over the three rides, I seem to have ridden 300km climbed over 7,000 feet and burned in excess of 12,000 calories. Don’t ask me yet what my plans are for next year, it’s a little early for that.